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New York,  1962 - the 70's


Tempo Books were originally published by Grosset & Dunlap.  They changed hands and ended up as part of the mega-merger with Ace,  Berkley, Jove, etc.    

(info by Kenneth R. Johnson)


How Tempo Numbered Their Books

(info provided by Jerry Woloshyn)

The first 200 Tempo volumes displayed TWO book numbers. There was a "T" number on the front cover, with a corresponding four-digit number at the base of the spine, beginning with "47." So, book "T1" displayed the number "4701" on the spine. "T2" displayed "4702," and so on. "T100" displayed "4800." And on it went through number 4898 (T198).  There are a few numbers in the late 4800's that didn't have a "T" number on the front cover, but I'm going to lump them into that category, since there was a huge gap in Tempo's number after that. It picked up again with number 5300. This numbering "gap" occurred in 1968, and while I have been unable to determine if that was when the label changed hands, it would make sense.

Later in the 1970's, Tempo switched to a five-digit numbering system.

Below, Jerry shows us that the spines of the "T Books" always bore two book numbers.




The corresponding numbers on the front covers looked like this:




(Scan at the top of the page is Courtesy of Fred Hoyt)



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