Many thanks to the contributors of cover art and information for the site.


They are:


Brian Anderson, a collector of Armed Services Editions from Charlotte, NC  *

Anonymous, my lips are sealed ... about ALL the contributors that use that distinctive pseudonym

Doug Baker, from Dundas, MN

Beverly Bass, a librarian in Tallahassee, Florida

Vernon Baumgartner,  from Springfield, MO

Rick Beckham, from Princeton, TX

Jacob C. Becker, from Louisville, KY

Ken Becker, from Louisville, KY

Victor Berch, a long-time collector and expert on pulp mags & books, from Marlborough, MA

David Biemann, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Robert E. Blair, a collector in Southern California.

Martin Blank, host of

Ron Blum, from Kayo Books, San Francisco, CA

The Book Bums at Ish Kabibble Books

Carloz Booth, from Kentucky

Jerry Boyajian, from Dover, NH

Ed Boyton, from Massachusetts

Lucy Bradnock, from Colchester, United Kingdom

Bruce Brenner, from the great web site *

Michael Brown, from Tamarac, FL

Ted Bugg, from Nashville, TN

Kees Buis, from The Netherlands

Otto Bumberger, from Hollidaysburg, PA

Jon Burchard, from Oakland, CA

Brian Busby, a collector and literary historian from St Marys, Ontario

The CA Kid, from California

Pete Cahan, from Syracuse, NY

Richard Campbell, from NY, NY

Harald Carlens, from London, UK

Ralph Carlson,  from Littleton, Massachusetts

Steve Cherry, from books done by his father, artist Sam Cherry

Jillian Chisnell, from Pittsburgh, PA *

Benjamin Clark, a WWII collector from Oklahoma City, OK

Mick Cocksedge, Welwyn Garden City, UK

Richard Cohen, from Miami, FL *

Lisa Corcoran, with a missing Popular Library scans

Matt Corwin, from Seattle, WA

Bill Crider, from Alvin, TX, from his Flickr Site

Gary Crossman, from Hull, England.

Dave Crow, of Elk River, MN

Tom Daniels, webmaster of The Louis L'Amour Collector ********

Paul Daniëls, from his International Paperback CD: Een boekje over kleine leesboekjes  *

Hans Dijkhuis, from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Keith Dilbone, from Dayton,OH

Dipankar Das Gupta, from Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India

Boy de Haas, a vintage paperback collector from the Netherlands

Peter de Vos, a fan of James Avati, from the Netherlands

Hans Dijkhuis, from Amsterdam

David Edwards, from Livonia, Michigan

Brian Emrich, from Brooklyn, NY

Paul Eng, a big paperback collector from the Big Apple.  *********

Don Erikson, a big Sci Fi collector from Portland, OR

Steve Ericson, webmaster of Books From the Crypt

Steve Everett, from Rhode Island

Stuart Fanning, from Epsom, England

Andrew Finch, from Great Falls, MT

Jim Fitzpatrick, from Nova Scotia, Canada

Graeme Flanagan, author of The Australian Vintage Paperback Guide.  *

John Frick, from Renton, WA

Tim Friesen, from Pandora Books

Bob Gaines, from his huge collection of paperbacks and Reference books, Circleville, OH  * X 51!

DAR Gary, who sent some great Beacon and Newsstand Library scans.

Kathy Godfrey, from Medford, MA

Glenn Goggin, who has an extremely keen eye for spotting cover artwork

Jack Green, from Easley, SC

Ken Green, with some nice Popular Library and Signet scans.

Ted Haigh,  aka Dr. Cocktail, from Burbank, CA

Mike Haldeman, from Mechanicsburg, PA

Bev Hankins, from Bloomington, IN

Bob Harper, from his substantial database of scanned vintage paperback images. ****

Michael Harwell, from his Flickr site

Meredith Hazan, from Los Angeles, CA

Alex Henzel, from North Pomfret, Vermont.

Fred Hermsen, from Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Mack Hitch, from Sterling, Colorado.

Don Hobbs, from his collection of Quick Readers.

Yvette Hoffman, with some nice pulp magazine scans

Brad Hollerbach, from Cape Girardeau, Mo

Joe Holm, from Omaha, NE *

Graham Holroyd, author of Paperback Prices, iGuide Media, 2003 **

Hooked on Books, Bolingbrook IL, from their website

Chris Hoth, from Seaside, OR *

Fred Hoyt, from Ventura County, CA

Jim Horne, from Chico, CA

Howard Hume, a collector from Bloomington, IL, who sent a great CD of Sci Fi scans.  *

Fred Ihde, from San Francisco, CA

Bill Jackson, from Mobile, AL

Kenneth R. Johnson, author of The Digest Index, from Medford, MA  **********

Rich Johnston, from the Wine Country, CA

Ed Jopling, from St. Paul, MN

Kyle Katz, from Boston, MA

Ron Keesling, from Thousand Oaks, CA    **

Bill Kelly, from San Jose, CA

Nancy Kite, from Kelseyville, CA

Uilke Komrij, from his Flickr Page

Dan Kurdilla, from Wyndmore, PA  ***

Bruce Lander, from Oldham, England

Larry Lasseter, from his great collection of sleaze digests and paperbacks.

Shawn Lavoie, from Pawcatuck, CT

Mick Lee, from Bemidji, MN **

Steve Lewis, webmaster of Mystery*

Jonathan Lobb

Jeff Luthor, from Pulpcards

Edward Lynch, from Tampa, FL

McClaverty, who sent badly needed Avon & Pyramid Scans

Gary McDole, from Berkeley, CA

Chris McMillen, a vintage paperback collector and dealer in New York City.

Michael McQuarrie, from Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Carl Macek, pb collector, illustrator and author from Anaheim, California *

                        (Heavy Metal, Robotech, Watching Anime, and others).

Brian Maginnity, from Lima, Ohio  * X 14!

Todd Manefski, a collector from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Gary Masters, from Hermitage, PA. Publisher of Hunter and Hunted, the Fredric Brown Anthology  *

Marco, from Italy

Lynn Maguire, Robert Maguire's daughter, from her web site about her father's work.

Todd Manefski, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sandra Marquez, from LosAngeles, California

Mike Metzger, from Swansea, IL, who wrote a special computer program to help me with the database

The Medford Book Co.

Fred Meyerriecks, a knowledgeable long-time collector (and formidable competitor at all the book fairs!) ***

Jim Mix, from Cleveland, Ohio

Alan Moore, from Sunnyvale, California.

John Moore, who sent me some scans from his collection.

George R. Morgan, who sent a badly-needed Ace scan.

Kent Morgan, a collector in Winnipeg, Manitoba  Canada.

Peter Morris, from Yucca Valley, California.

Jason Morrison, from St. Thomas, Ontario

Marv Morrison, from St. Louis, MO

Frank Motler, a researcher of popular U.S. and Canadian periodicals, living in the United Kingdom

Jim Mousner, a former editor on the old Houston Post and vintage paperback entrepreneur.

Lynn Munroe, Collector and Web Author: Lynn Munroe Books

Will Murray, from Quincy, MA

Don Napoli, from Sacramento, CA

Eric Neff, from Library, PA

Bjarne Nielsen, who is with The Sherlock Holmes Museum in Denmark.

Richard Novak, from the Radio Tales web site.

Sarah Norris, from Stockport, UK, from her Flickr Sight.

Martin O'Hearn, from Massachusetts

Gunnar Olsen, from Glostrup, Denmark.  *

Karl Olsen, from his vintage paperback collection.

Larry Olson, from Mt Prospect, IL

John Oswalt, from Sebastopol, CA, from the creator of the website

Paperboybob, from his ebay page.

Brian Patton, from Columbia, SC

David Pelinka, from Tigard, Oregon

Dan Penwarn, who lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Lawrence Person, with a great Reference Book and Sci-Fi scans

Curt Phillips, moderator of the Yahoo Vintage Paperback Group

David Pressman, from West Hollywood, CA

David Rachels, from Lexington, Virginia

Ryan Richardson, webmaster of Strange Sisters website.

Jim Riggs, from Ft. Worth, TX

David Rolfe, with a great Pyramid scan.

Bob Roper, Marion, Iowa

Karl Jürgen Roth, a collector of vintage books from Germany.

Joan Santacana, from Vallfogona de Riucorb in Spain

Ramon Schenk, from his collection of vintage paperbacks.

Bob Scott, from Mancos, CO

Art Scott, from Livermore, CA

Seattle Mystery Bookshop, from their Website

Jackson Sellwood,  from Cinnaminson, New Jersey  *

Jérôme Serme, a collector and bookseller in France

Tony Severin, from New York City

Michel Souvre, from Le Mans, France

Ishan Trivedi, from Mumbai, India

Sherman Shaw, from Berkeley, CA

Bruno Schmidt, a collector in Germany

Piet Schreuders, author of Paperbacks, U.S.A.

Peter Skeel, from Denmark

Ed Slager, from Westford, MA

Kevin I. Slaughter, from his Flickr site

Kel Smith, from Waikanae, New Zealand

Daniel G. Snethen, from Kyle,  SD  *

Gary E. Stevens, from Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY

Eddie Stevenson, webmaster of the Gold Medal Books Website

Phil Stephensen-Payne, webmaster of a huge Magazine & Pulp Website

Jon Storey, from Surrey, UK (and part time in Carcassonne, France)

Jean-Michel Tag, from France

Arthur Tashiro, from San Francisco

Jun Tato, from Quezon City, Philippines

Bill Taylor, from Alberta, Canada

Grant Thiessen, owner of BookIT

Michael Thomas , fromVirginia

Eden Thompson, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jan Tonnesen, from La Mesa, CA  ***

Joel Thoreson, from Crystal Lake IL

Ralph Vasbender, from Newcastle, South Africa

Jeff Vorzimmer, from Austin, TX

Moe Wadle, collector and author of The Movie Tie-In Book.  **

Harold Wagner, a long-time collector from Jupiter, Florida

Dusty Wallace, from Elliston, VA

Steve Wallace, a collector from Atlanta, GA (formerly of Toronto, Ontario, Canada)


Gary Watson, a collector from Columbus, Ohio

Ron Webber, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Ray Weber, from Sylvania, OH

K. Wegtor, a collector from Oregon

Jennifer White, from Oklahoma City, OK

Robert Wiener, from Hampton Falls, NH  ****

Ennis Willie, author of many paperback originals, from his web site.

Paula Wirth, who has a great series of cover scans on her Flickr Sight.

Doug Wise, from Seattle, WA

Gary Wise, from his collection of Frederic Brown Bantams.

Jerry Wisneski, a Fantasy & Science Fiction fan from Derry, Pennsylvania

Jerry Woloshyn, fromWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Don Wood, from Austin, TX

Wayne Worsham, a collector in Okalahoma

Chris Yates, who likes to ask tough (and intriguing) questions

Jerry Yeager, from Huntsville, AL


*   Indicates the contributor sent a CD or DVD of cover images


Contributors: if I've gotten any information wrong, PLEASE let me know!



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