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The BookScans Reference Library contains more than a thousand books, magazines and other publications that range from important need-to-know information for serious collectors to things that are just plain fun.

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"Collecting Vintage Paperbacks" contains price guides, histories of paperback publishers, bibliographies, fanzines, and much more.

"Book Collecting (General)" contains works about identification of first editions and key issues, price guides, lists, and many, many other books about one of the world's most addictive hobbies.

"The Pulps" contains price guides, histories, bibliographies and anthologies about early pulp magazines.

"Authors and Artists" contains biographies and compilations of works by famous authors & artists.

The Mystery, Westerns, Action/Adventure, Romance and Science Fiction folders contain books, magazines and fanzines pertaining to those genres. Mystery also includes books about hardboiled and JD fiction (juvenile delinquency).

"Adult" contains reference books about sleaze.

"Other Fun Stuff" contains such things as post cards, trading cards, humor, catalogs, and other ... um ... stuff.

"More from Bob Gaines' Library" contains yet ANOTHER 250+ images of books from Bob's vast collection of reference books.


Many thanks to Bob Gaines, Fred Meyerriecks, Tom Daniels and other contributors who have shared scans and information from their reference libraries.


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