Vintage Paperback Oddities


Below, click the title-link (not the picture) for a short description of what I believe is some pretty interesting stuff


(This is a work in progress. I'll feature other "oddities" as I find them, always adding entries at the bottom of the page.)



                  The Great Dell Cover-Up                                      The Faro Kid



                     Pocket Book 378                                        Sports Laughs



                         Down and Out                                           Pocket Book 159



 The Only Dell Dust Jacket



                          Pocket Book 459                                         Pocket Book 534



                     Pocket Book 413                    Dell 10 #33           Stickers & Stamps



          The Generic Dust Jacket    The Vanishing Stagehand      Horizontal Covers    



"Wrap-Around" Covers           Stop Me              Curves               Bedsheets



      Mentor M21                        Junkie               The Worst Title     The First Mapback



   Penguin S229        Ace Specials     Pocket Book #23      Gambling on Ads



The Books That Don't Exist   Lance Casebeer Books    Face of Fear      The Censor          



    Fantasy Book      Floral Study        Poster Art        Bantam Posters      Vanishing Girls



Gold Medal D1996     What Library?     Intimate 32     Monarch Books     Gothic Art   



       Greenleaf                 Books by John Dexter (& more)              Most Outrageous   



On the Trial       Bawdy Songs       Lion/Tuxedo?        3 Pix in 1        Pocketbook?



          Little Black Books          Greeting Card         Tall & Short           Carrie         



        Printed Sticker     All Wrapped Up      MQ MY?      Valuable Anthologies     The Ballantine "K"



Dell Ads         The AVON Stamp      Whispering Smith       "The Stripe"             Shell Scott



Ballantine Dupe #'s     Leftist Books      The Two TIPs         The Panthers       Missing Midwood



    ReCovered Text          In the Pink             Bats in Color            Two Queens       Passionate Price



        Movie Bond            Bang Bang           Two-Ups                      Other ASE Oddities      



    Deep Range        "Obscene" Books      Bantam Headache      Sure Hand           The Bottle     



Avon G1049            Sentinels                 Skyfall                   Sinner                  Helen  



Fletcher                     Lucia            Love Cult            Ballantine H-Books         Hoboes



Shooting Illustrations          Prize Books            Puzzle                 Sex Pictures           Is It Sin?



Tattoo            Number Terror          Slick Adventure          The Golden Mean (pdf)                  Doubles




Collectible Vintage Paperbacks that are generally ignored by the "Vintage Paperback Community"



   Red Arrow              Albatross           Later Tauchnitz                    Tijuana Bibles             



    "Seal Books"                   LLL                      Jacket Library         Overseas Editions          Blue Books     



   Bonibooks          Mayfair Editions         Gold Medal, Inc           Borzoi                 Boar's Head   



    National Home Lib         Continental                Nelson's        


(I will add more publishers to this group as I find them.)




More Oddities



   Beacon Galaxy        Plain Bantam              Two Faulkners                Two SP's             Strange Brim



Unauthorized                Numbers             Revised                 Complexion              0008   



    'Zine Toons                     Bestseller                Reckless!                  Crazy Numbers



    Regal Line             Double DJ                   Pike Sci Fi            The "Oblong" PB   



Pocket Playboy          Dark Shadows          Stamp                 FPCI        



2nd Printings                          Avon 134               Joke Books              Stapled



     Politics                Double-Theft             Cheap Books       NAL Four Square